DataMill is an app for OS X that helps you write, organize, analyze and share SQL queries. It includes an advanced editor featuring full autocomplete and snippets, instant query result summaries, query and result history, and built-in charting.


Over the years working as analyst or data scientist, one problem occurs over and over again. Your colleague asks for some one-off data or report. Maybe it’s a breakdown that is not supported by the dashboard you use, maybe it’s something that’s not in the data warehouse, maybe the data requires a complicated SQL join, or requires a database they don’t have access to. You comply, send back a google doc or excel sheet with the requested data, and move on to something else.

Inevitably, your colleague, happy with their fresh insights, will want to see the same report updated next week. And the week after. You end up:

  • Spending your time rewriting lost queries
  • Trying to understand why your results differ from last time
  • Copy-pasting stuff in and out of Google Docs / Excel
  • Emailing around links to different versions of your report

Not exactly stuff you want to be doing every day!


The purpose of DataMill is to make this process super easy. DataMill keeps track of all your queries.

  • Queries are grouped together on Worksheets
  • Worksheets can be organized in folders
  • You can easily create charts with a drag and drop interface
  • Worksheets can be easily shared with one link, and are updated instantly when you re-run queries
  • Every query and result is saved in the worksheet’s your history

This way, all you have to do is email your colleague one simple link. They can check out and export the charts you added, view the data directly, export CSVs to work in Excel, and see your updates immediately. And if they need fresh data, all you have to do is re-run your worksheet. Easy peasy.

On top of that, DataMill helps you write queries with convenient autocomplete, snippets and query summaries.

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